we have ever wished to be able to do something more good, the time could not be more right. We don’t need big changes for our efforts to count, because the small changes make a big difference. Contribute as you can .


15 July 2017 ·
Yesterday was very wonderful and enjoy full day for our ngo. Because the great company (Alight) ‘s members had came to our ngo and all of they enjoyed with the children so much in which the played many games and quiz with the children’s after this they distribute the many gifts and winners also as(umbrellas, books,Teddys,toyes ,t-shirts,food and many other materials) and for the ngo they given 2 fans, watches,Bluetooth speaker,Diary,pens etc.
We are very thankfull to the Alight members…



Dr. Ayushi gautam mam came our Ngo with her sister and celebrate the New Year with the childrens. She distribute the sweater to every children. For new year celebration she distribute burger and fruti…. After given the sweater she playing many games with the children nd enjoyed very much, the children also enjoyed with Her so much… Sai educational Society is very thankful to you very much mam for this contribution……we are very thankful to you ( 1/jan/19 )

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